It is so easy to feel depressed. Perhaps it is due to world events or events in your own city or perhaps things are not going ideally in your work life, it could be family or friend or health or romantic or housing issues for a few examples. My usual ways of dealing with this tend to be talking these issues to death and  luckily for me I have a lot of friends who listen to all this and unluckily for them they have to hear all this. Also I am a stress eater which is why 20 extra pounds keeps finding its way on and off my body. So on a recent Sunday when I was feeling depressed I decided to have a love fest day. Perhaps this is a cousin to a gratitude day. It was very simple I sent out some I love you e mails to friends. One reported that she was going to contact me anyway to see about my picking up my annual Christmas gift from her,  homemade hazelnut bread. She invited me to pick it up, also had some lovely pins for me from her collection that look fabulous on my beret and I was able to snack on pecans dipped into peppermint buttercream as she was baking away when on got there. It was a lovely day when the world is feeling like too much I recommend a love fest even if just for a day.