We are a society obsessed with weight, why we have it, how to lose it. Now we can sit in the privacy of our own homes perhaps stress eating over the state of our own lives and watching tv shows about other people and their attempts to lose weight. Perhaps not the best use of our time. We could be painting or exercising or studying French or doing many other things. I came to the need to think about weight at age 45. I was always skinny, my late great father made me awesome malts to try to fatten me up. This changed at 45 when the wight started sticking to me and surprising at that age as I underwent surgical hysterectomy at 27 that that often middle aged woman phenomenon still affected me. I like many have tried lots of diets. Atkins and Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig all worked as well as using Cheerios on one diet as my snack food and using orange juice/strawberry smoothies as my snack food on another. I am now 65 and and I decided spending 20 years on a diet was plenty so being inspired by just reading the book the Life Changing Magic of Tidying up where it is suggested that you put all your clothes in the middle of the floor and examine each item one at a time and decide if you are keeping them, I decided I would do this. My plan however is to do it six months from my initial date of reading about this idea which is July 12th. Here’s how it will work. I will do what I can between now and then in terms of diet and exercise and on that date what I like that fits stays and everything else goes. It will be judgement day and acceptance day. So if the sexy black velvet size four dress doesn’t fit, then I will get a replacement one in size ten if need be. I feel freer and lighter just thinking about it. The basics are the same eating less and exercising more lead to better health and weight.

Two other thoughts, a friend mentioned that a friend said to her that you need to think if you want your ass or your face to look good. I have been told I look good for my age but have noticed that since I have gotten older that if my weight is as low as I would like it to be that my face looks too haggard and wrinkled. As a single woman in the dating market at my age I need a good looking face. I will spend time with Lady Clairol and 24 hour stay on lipstick but won’t do injections or surgery.

My other thought is where do we draw the lines between skinny to fat and everything in between ie when does thin become skinny and when does zaftig become fat for example. There are issues of health and issues of self image and self talk as well as societal pressures as well as realities of aging and gravity. So it might mean that I was a Twiggy and now the real me is more like a Marilyn Monroe. She was beautiful and curvy and sexy and there is nothing wrong with that.