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Yes admittedly Am I Soup Yet? is borrowed from the Lipton Soup commercials of many years ago ie Is It Soup Yet? I think about this in terms of am I done, am I ready, meaning am I done with worrying about how I look and what I have accomplished and if I am popular enough. Everyone can substitute their own categories for this. Here goes my take on my top three.

The first I discussed in my last post on channeling my internal Marilyn Monroe. I decided to pick a date six months out and try on my clothes then and keep what fits that I like, deciding that I will officially stop dieting that day. At that point I will have been on approximately a 21 year on and off diet and that feels like enough is enough. The world doesn’t care if my clothes are size 4 or size 10 and I would rather be a very cute size 10 then a wrinkled up size 4. Check back July 13th for an update about this.

The second area is have I accomplished enough. My late great therapist said that my resume is long enough. I have two Master’s degrees and have been to real estate and bartending school and have studied painting and singing for years and I write, paint, sing, teach, counsel. I wanted to add in voice over work, mock patient work, and extra work but have wisely put those on hold.

The third area relates to am I popular enough. This has been the hard one for me. I was always very cute and very slim for many years and my many interests has made for a very fun if sometimes overwhelming life. However as a child I was shy, ugly and unpopular and there was a lot of family strife in my childhood home. Since I went away to college I have had plenty of friends, however up until recently if I was in a class with 30 other people and just one of them didn’t like me I would get so focused and distracted by this. This changed when I was laid up for several months with a broken hip several years ago and had 50 visitors. I never felt so well loved at any other time in my whole life and realized that I had plenty of friends to last a lifetime and then some.

I realized I am a beautiful, popular and accomplished soup. I hope that you feel that you are as well!

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Michele Williams , a true renaissance woman,  has both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in continuing education. In addition, she is a certified oncology social worker from the Society of Oncology Social Work Board and  is an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church who can conduct marriage ceremonies and eulogies. She has been studying voice for over 25 years and studying painting for over 20 years.  She is a mental health provider for numerous managed care companies and has been a  long time Public Speaking Instructor at Columbia College Chicago. She has held numerous social work positions and has worked extensively in medical social work specializing in oncology, critical care, and end of life issues.  She is the owner of a business entitled Life Story Services, where she helps others tell their life stories and market and promote their skills. She has published her autobiography Happy Girl Michele, tales of a true renaissance woman which can be viewed or purchased from the Blurb.com bookstore which features her watercolors and poetry and has had numerous personal and professional development articles published. Her paintings and pins are for sale at the Andersonville Galleria at 5247 N. Clark Street in Chicago and can also be purchased online. To see Michele’s artwork on everything from T-Shirts to Ties, visit her Zazzle store here and her Cafe Press store here. She can be contacted at happygirlmichele@earthlink.net or thru renaissancewomanmichele.com